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We’re on a mission to transform ordinary trips into extraordinary ones. Our diverse team is changing the way people connect to the places they visit, so anyone can create their dream vacation. Be certain to include 3 simple things: tell us about yourself, tell us where your passion lies and tell us why. Oh and don’t forget to tell us how to contact you!

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Knowing how a sensitive political climate impairs millions from making the journey to Jerusalem, our goal is to facilitate easier access to a place we believe deserves to be admired and beheld by those who aspire to make this journey.


Informed by our appreciation for the diverse religious history and traditions of the region, we want to share our knowledge and learning through a medium that allowed medieval scholars to expand their horizons: travelling.


Our tours are catered to tourists from a variety of backgrounds and value systems, and besides being sensitive to this demographic fact, we ensure our tours do not disrupt the ecology and essence of our destinations.


Through our team of travel consultants, both on-ground and based in the UK, we hope to ensure that your trip is exactly how you want it to be. Your anxieties are ours to assuage, your questions ours to resolve.