Al-Aqsa Ramadan 2020 Tour

Ramadan is a month of festivity in the Middle East, celebrated with a fervour that is entirely its own. In the parts of the Old City of Jerusalem around Damascus Gate, Arab merchants showcase their wares with a preparedness that leaves no doubts that this is the part of the year they have been waiting for – Eid shopping is a phenomenon there too! And of course, if you’re spiritually inclined, the option of praying in the Masjid Al-Aqsa will be doubly rewarding in a month as exalted as Ramadan, coupled with the chance to pay your respects at the tombs of prophets around the region. Trust us to make a tour worth your last days of Ramadan, and experience Muslim history and culture unlike never before.

Al-Aqsa Ramadan 2020 Tour

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