Travelers from our previous trips are always encouraged to share their experiences with us, so we know how to improve – and what parts they believe left them most affected, so we can know if we’re doing our destinations justice.

  • 5/5 Excellent

Abdul-Kader Vania

Alhamdulillah the tour was excellent. Palestine is a beautiful place to visit, rich in Islamic history, and of immense spiritual significance. 8 days allowed sufficient time not to feel rushed. Flight arrangements were good, as were travel plans during our time there. The ethos of the group was of families who were religiously minded, the talks good. The food arrangements were good, although supper around 10:30-11 pm can be a bit late – it may be we just have to accept this due to Salaat timings, in which case starting punctually (yes) at 2130 would help. A touch more elasticity around breakfast timings would be appreciated ie a wider window. I have offered feedback re water/towels already. But I conclude by saying the positives are outweighed the negatives so these comments are about fine tuning towards excellence. I would unhesitatingly recommend this tour to family and friends – indeed have already done so. Wassalaam