Travelers from our previous trips are always encouraged to share their experiences with us, so we know how to improve – and what parts they believe left them most affected, so we can know if we’re doing our destinations justice.

  • 5/5 Excellent

Mustafa Kaushal

The trip was amazing. The walking tour was very informative aswell as the trips we took in the coach. Everything ran smoothly and it was a great experience.

  • 5/5 Excellent


The trip led by [uncle] Nazim from Forgotten Lands was very well organised with a lot of eye opening and life changing experiences. This being my first time in Palestine I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but at each step of the way [uncle Nazim] reassured me, Welcoming me to his family and friends who made the trip one to remember. I can honestly say that each aspect of the trip was great, from the busy day tours of the Al Aqsa Masjid exploring a lot of the history, to the night time stories after dinner on the roof top alhamdulillah. I was very blessed to have had the chance to come on this trip and a lot of the things I did were first time experiences for me. Either way with the guidance of [uncle] Nazim I was able to put myself to use. The trip is very safe and when nervous or in a pickle [uncle] Nazim will not leave your side. It is one of the happiest and most ambient places. Other aspects like breaking our fast on the day of Arafat at maghrib time outside the doors of Masjid al Aqsa was very beautiful and despite having enough food for everyone we were still offered food and to come and sit with the locals to open our fast. I could honestly go on but I wouldn’t want to spoil all the hidden treasures of this trip for you, who I pray will also get the chance to visit and see for yourself that it is infact a beautiful land flourishing with culture and the love of it’s people

  • 5/5 Excellent


Wasalaam. Jazzakalla. Khair. A Truly Breathtaking Experience To The Holy Land Of Palastine. From start to finish Forgottonlands took the initiative to deliver a first class experience with clear step by step systems and procedures to follow. They ensured each activity was carefully planned and communicated with clarity, detail and even added support for those members with additional needs.  Regular briefings helped Manage time effectively. From transfering money to recieving us at Tel-Aviv Airport, we had all the relevant assurances to feel comfortable and motivated. The transfer from the airport to the Hashmi Hotel was smooth with a tractor waiting to take all our luggage to the hotel. We were able to experience and enjoy the life of the old city as we walked through a remarkably structured building of Jeruselam. The hotel was perfectly located with about 5 mins walk to the Haram. The tour leader (Nazim) ensured that each one of us were guided and directed to the Haram and back. This was to guage our bearings until the route became known. The organisation of each tour (indoor and outdoor) was spot on, with specialist theologians providing knowledge and facts from reliable sources (Quran and Hadith). A truly educational visit on the whole with simple and easy to understand explanations. The tour leaders made the sessions interactive, engaging and fun! Yes Saleh cracked few good jokes but All in all it was impressive. The itinerary was followed to the teeth with additional visits to key locations where we managed to find out more to the life in Palastine. The food was enjoyed on a beautiful rooftop base with an astonishing view overlooking the city of Jeruselam. I travelled with my mother who was in a wheelchair and few family members. They share the same experience and would definitely make the Journey again with Forgottonlands. Jzk.

  • 5/5 Excellent

Zahida Ahmed

Wasalaam. Jazzakalla. Khair. It was Excellent trip.I am going to suggest to everyone to experience this. InshaAllah we will be going again.Thank you very much for your help and we had wonderfull time.

  • 5/5 Excellent

Ruksana Patel

I would like to say that my trip to the beautiful sacred Masjid al aqsa was amazing. An experirnce that everone should make  especially when you have traveled with a group that looks after you throughout the entire trip which Makes it even more enjoyable. We traveled as group of 8 in which one my Mother, was in a wheelchair , nazim bhai Assured us that Don’t worry we are here to help. From the airport to the hotel To the zairats to all the other excursion we loved every bit of  the trip . This Group would definitely be recommended to others.