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Our maiden journey to Jerusalem, back in 2014, began with a group of 36 individuals. From toddlers and the elderly, to lawyers and doctors – it was a coming together of people that belonged to different ages and a broad spectrum of lifestyles and passions. There was but one common purpose that tethered us: experiencing the rich history and traditions of one of civilization’s most sacred cities, Jerusalem. The Masjid Al-Aqsa, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre were all part of our journey’s highlights – their sheer history enough to command a sense of gravitas from even the least spiritual of travellers.

Laying the foundation for all our future endeavors, we ensure our tours cater to a wide diversity of people, making sure both families and younger people can comfortably embrace and experience what is undoubtedly one of the world’s most awe-inspiring journeys.

Our travel consultants are a guaranteed source of first-hand guidance – many, if not all of them have already travelled to Palestine themselves, so rest assured: you are in safe hands. One of our UK-based consultants accompanies each tour, and is always accessible to answer any questions you may have.

Today, we have grown to become an organisation true to the values we embarked on 2014. We promise your journey is going to be a journey of a lifetime. Our services are tailored for each customer, and we pay attention to each detail of your tour, guiding as you discover new realities over the course of your travels with us.

We look forward to accompanying you on a journey bound to leave its mark on your life.


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Knowing how a sensitive political climate impairs millions from making the journey to Jerusalem, our goal is to facilitate easier access to a place we believe deserves to be admired and beheld by those who aspire to make this journey.


Informed by our appreciation for the diverse religious history and traditions of the region, we want to share our knowledge and learning through a medium that allowed medieval scholars to expand their horizons: travelling.


Our tours are catered to tourists from a variety of backgrounds and value systems, and besides being sensitive to this demographic fact, we ensure our tours do not disrupt the ecology and essence of our destinations.


Through our team of travel consultants, both on the ground and based in the UK, we hope to ensure that your trip is exactly how you want it to be. Your anxieties are ours to assuage, your questions ours to resolve.